Ancient Corinth

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Discovering the wonders of Ancient Corinth Once we leave Athens and after an hour of driving we will be stopping at the Corinth Canal, a great piece of work completed in 1886, that connects the Aegean with the Ionian Sea and technically transforms the Peloponnese peninsula into an island. Originally there was an isthmus, a narrow strip of land connecting Peloponnese with Mainland Greece, that they are now connected with a bridge. A few minutes later we will be arriving at the site of Ancient Corinth. Ancient Corinth, due to its strategic location next to the Isthmus, exceeded Athens in terms of wealth. Ancient Corinth had an important role at the Persian and the Peloponnesian Wars and was an important city-state from the classical times to the Roman Times, as a capital of the Roman province of Achaia, and until the Byzantine period. At the site you can see the temple of Apollo (7th Century BC), the ruins of the Roman city (44 BC), the Lehaion road and the place where Apostole Paul preached to the Corinthians. We will also drive up to Acrocorinth, a fortress that was continuously fortified from the Neolithic times until the end of the Ottoman occupation (1822). There you will see the Frankish tower, the Pirene Spring and also you will enjoy the amazing view from the top of the castle. Afterwards we are taking the same way back to Athens.

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